osCMax 2.0 RC4 has been released

Finally, osCMax 2.0 RC4 is here, with hundreds of improvements, upgrades, patches and updates. There was so much to do from RC3 to RC4 that it was a sometimes a daunting task to keep at it.


For a list of changes and download link, check out the release announcement here:

osCMax Security Update - XSS flaw patched

An XSS security flaw has been found in osCMax, specifically the printable catalog module. The flaw is in all 2.0 versions, including RC3, RC3.0.1, RC3.0.2, and RC4 SVN.


osCMax Security Update - Arbitrary Upload Exploit

A security hole was found in osCMax 2.0 RC 3.0.1 that allows a remote attacker to upload files to your site via a browser.


osCMax Development Update 9/17/08

We are nearing a public release of osCMax2.0 RC4. It has been available via the SVN repository for some time now, but not packaged and released for general public usage.


There have been a lot of updates this week that really push the new version closer to being declared stable.


osCMax Template System explained

There are always a few posts every month in the forums asking the the same basic questions about the osCMax template system.


Making the helpers happy

Thanks, but no thanks.

Folks, while I'm sure people appreciate it when you say "Thank you" in a posted response it sort of defeats the way the forum system has been set up.

What I usually see is...

Person 1 asks a question (post 1)
Person 2 gives an answer (post 2)
Person 1 says thank you (post 3)

There are TWO better ways to say thanks to someone who helps you.

Getting help on the forums

The idea of the forums is to get help. But the question is really "what kind of help" do you get.

osCMax Development Update: Admin Panel Upgrades

Weekly Update 5-4-08

This week, I have put a lot of effort into some of the admin panel features that have not been updated in a very long time. The following have been added or upgraded:


osCMax Development Update : Order Editor, Manual Order Maker

Code Updates


Today the Order Editor and Manual Order Maker in the osCMax admin panel were fully updated in the RC4 development branch. This code can be obtained from the SVN repository .


osCMax Development Update : Fully updated installer, Easypopulate and more

Weekly Update

Continuing the trend of more commits to the SVN repository for osCMax RC4, I have finished updating the installer for osCMax.


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