osCmax v2.5 Release Candidate available for download

osCmax v2.5 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download. As of today, osCmax v2.5 is no longer considered beta/development software. Get it now here:

Arriving at the release candidate stage of development is significant as it is now considered stable enough for general use. If you have been waiting patiently, now is the time to get your copy installed! 

With the help of an ever growing group of quality beta testers we have been able to find and resolve a very significant amount of moderate to minor issues. Since Beta-3 was released, we have resolved 85 reported issues and several dozen unreported issues.

The lead up to RC1 saw a significant amount of progress made on making the administrative panel fully multi-language capable. Completing the included language packs for both the customer facing catalog and administrative panel was a high priority and the results are excellent. In addition, the installer is now fully multi-language capable for easy translation.

If you are interested in what issues have been resolved since beta 3 was released, check this out:

While RC1 is considered a bug-fix release, there are several new features since Beta 3 : new Paypal Express / WPP modules for both US and UK, an updated USPS shipping module, updated "Compromise" template that now supports many more of the new {TAG} features in osCmax (slated to be fully completed by stable release).

To discuss the new release of osCmax, get in on the conversation here:

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