osCmax v2.5 Beta 2 Released

osCmax v2.5 Beta 2 is now available for download. This release fixes the vast majority of issues reported in Beta 1.

I am extremely happy with the performance of the initial beta, and I am looking forward to sharing beta 2 with you. The response from the osCmax community has been overwhelming and I want to personally thank all the community members that took the time to test the initial beta. 

If you haven't tried v2.5 yet this is a great time to try it. I encourage everyone to download the new version for testing, as it is a major change in osCmax and you will want to get familiar with all the new features and changes.

Become A Beta Tester

We need your help beta testing the new version. I wanted to talk about this a little, as it always seems we have thousands of volunteers to beta test and no actual testers (or very few). All it takes to be a beta tester is to pick one feature and then use that feature every which way you can. While using that feature, note any problems with how it works/doesn't work as compared to how you think it should work. Then report your findings in our issue tracker, making sure to be as detailed as possible with describing the issue and how to reproduce it.

To report an issue officially, you will need to create a "reporter" account on our Issue Tracker . Once you have created your reporter account, go ahead and get the issues you find officially on the books.

That is all it takes to be a beta tester. If we had 100 volunteers that each tested one feature like this, beta testing would be over in a week. So, please accept our invitation to become a beta tester and download the osCmax beta release today.


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