Code Freeze date set for upcoming release

We have set a code freeze date for the upcoming osCmax release. What that means is we are on the final push to get code into osCmax. Features have been frozen as of Aug 14th 2010, and we have 4 weeks to complete the code updates on the planned feature list. Anything not in by the code freeze date will be excluded from this release.

From the code freeze date, which is September 14th, 2010, the new version will enter its beta testing period. While we do not have set dates for when beta will end, it will begin within a week of code freeze. At that point we will be releasing the beta package for general download, and we will need a group of beta testers to help chase down and fix any remaining bugs. If you want to join in on the beta testing, let me know via PM at the osCmax forums (my username is michael_s).

To check in on the progress leading up to the beta release, visit our bug tracker and road-map. The road-map will show you all items remaining on the feature-list and how close we are to finishing. To see the project road-map, you will have to login to the bug-tracker, either anonymously or by creating an account. 

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